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  • The Nomadic Women Podcast Release Form

    The named Guest above hereby grant permission to The Nomadic Women Podcast (hereinafter referred to as "Podcast") and its representatives to record, use and distribute my voice, image and likeness, and any other contributions provided by me, including but not limited to audio, video, photographs, and text, for the purpose of creating podcast episodes and related promotional materials.

    The Guest also herby acknowledges that Inka Stellbrink (herein referred to as "Podcast") is the sole owner of all rights in and to the Podcast, and that the Podcast has the sole right to use, publish and distribute the Podcast and Guest’s performance in any and all media formats on all platforms worldwide,in any medium now knows or hereafter developed, for any purpose related to the Podcast’s Business, including but not limited to broadcasting, streaming, publishing, marketing and promotion. as they see fit, in perpetuity.

    Any content or materials relating to the production and distribution of the Podcast are property of the Podcast, and the Podcast has the sole right to use, publish and distribute them in any and all media formats on all platforms worldwide, as they see fit, in perpetuity.

    • The Guest understand that nothing started in this contact implies that the Podcaster has the right to exploit any of the rights granted to the Podcaster.
    • The Guest understands and agrees that he/she/they will receive no compensation for any appearances on the Media Program.
    • The Guest understans and agrees to his/her/their name, image and voice being used on the Podcast, including any advertising or promotion material for the Podcast
    • The Guest hereby releases and discharges the Podcaster from any and all liability arising from or in connection to the making, producing, reproducing, distributing, publishing, and promotion by any means or otherwise using the Media Program production.

    Podcast Signature, with this I agree to the terms above.

    Inka Stellbrink


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