About the Artist | Hochzeits Papeterie & Einladungen, Kalligraphie und Aquarell Künstlerin
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Hey! I am Inka, a Watercolour and Calligraphy Artist and the face behind Inka Notes.

My Goal : To inspire you and the enjoy the small things in life. To be able to make Life a little more beautiful and lets Stories and Dreams come true. Time is the most valuable gift you can give anyone.

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How I started

Although I don’t particularly like the term ” Nomad” it does fit fairly well in this case.


I was born in Germany and moved to Canada at the age of 9. After Highschool and an Apprenticeship in Graphic Design, I have been searching for “home” for the last 12 years.


After travelling to 70 Countries and 10 with a more “long-term” stay the search is still not at it’s end. But it is said it’s all about the Journey. And so the Story continues from Barkeeper / Barista to the Origin Career Choice, well at least a form of it.


“Life is a Voyage and the Journey is the Destination, not the Destination the Journey.”

  • I love to Bake, it’s like Therapie
  • A Big Cup Please! My Favourite the Green one, handmade Pottery from the Middle Ages market.
  • Favourite Watercolor Paint: Sap Green
  • Favourite Flower : Peony
  • Favourite Season: Spring (everything is Blooming) and Autumn cuddling up in a Blanket or go for a walk in the Rain with my Wellies on.)


Inspiration is everywhere, mainly I find it in Nature, through Flowers and Botanicals, the small things in life and Food and Drink.

Through Patters, Shapes and Emptiness that hold our Daily Life in Balance.

Oh and here is a little Video with 5 Random Facts if you like, to get to know me in person, a little bit about inka notes and the Watercolour and Calligraphy Artist, me Inka behind the scene.