About the Artist

Hey! I am Inka, a Watercolour and Calligraphy Artist and the face behind Inka Notes.

I strive to create unique and beautiful Artwork to enrich peoples lives in the smallest way possible and make stories come to life.

Inka Notes Watercolour and Calligraphy Artist, Illustrator

Appreciation of the smallest things is often so neglected in our Technology-Driven World. The Study of Watercolour and Calligraphy has allowed me to become more in sync with my Surroundings and turn inspiration into a piece of art. The constant study of florals, botanicals, shapes, spaces and the nature around me, have not only had a huge influence on my Artwork but also peaked new interests I do not know existed.

I am one of those people that have probably always had a pen, pencil or Paintbrush in their hand. I honestly do not remember a time where I did not draw, design color or do something creative. Over the years the Medium changed, but the art stayed. It does not matter if it was the top brand Watercolour Pencils  I received from my Dad when I was little so I did not use his or being the Editor of my Highschool Yearbook.

All this eventually lead to me following into what some would call my Family Legacy, being the third Generation to Study Graphic Design.  Well back in the days, it was a Lithographer. But that is the same Job without a Computer.

Currently, I am based in Westport, Ireland. After having lived, worked and travelled the world for the past 10 years. Ireland is the first place I have considered to make a permanent home. Originally I was born in Germany and moved to Canada when I was nine years old. So does that make me a German/ Canadian?

Through my 10 years of travel, I have learned a lot about my self and the people around me and has definitely shaped me to the person I am today, with just 70 countries under my belt.

Oh and here is a little Video with 5 Random Facts if you like, to get to know me in person, a little bit about inka notes and the Watercolour and Calligraphy Artist, me Inka behind the scene.

What I love most about Ireland?

Enjoying the Jokes the Irish weather plays, a constant mix of Sunshine and Rain, while not getting over the beauty of the Landscape around me.