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Technology Supply List

Tech is such an Important part in our World today. Good thing or bad things that is a Question for open debating. But in the sense of sharing, Technology just makes it easier. And this small Tech Supply List might just help with that.

So yes because of that I have decided to provide you with a small list of items that I really love, and use. No Bullsh** (are those ** really nessecary?) Probalby not but yeah anyways. To get to all the other Supply Lists follow here.

The Tech Supplies List from Inka Notes.

*** All items below are Affiliate Links, and a small commission may be earned shall you purchase any of them. Your help is greatly appreciated in supporting a small business.

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Selfie Ring Light With Adjustable Long Arm Phone Holder

Magnat LZR 580 Headphone


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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III CAMERA

Glisteny – luminous tablet – LIGHT BOX – A4


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Hama | Star 75 Camera Tripod incl. Carrying Bag – Black

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