The Supply Lists | Watercolor Artist, Modern Calligraphy, Handlettering & Designer
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Are you curious to what Supplies I use to create my Art. In a way it really is no rocket since but just a small list of things I love. Overtime you will also find your favourite Supplies but as a fellow Artist I totally understand why it is so fun to see what others are using.
Please remember though just because I love these Products does not mean you have to. There are so many thing we have to figure out for our self what we like best, and this is just one of them. You might like the Brightness of a different Watercolour Company that is 100% fine. Just because I am sharing this list with you does not mean it will give you the right to judge me. Just putting that out there. Take it as a learning.

*** All links below contain Affiliate Links, and a small commission may be earned shall you purchase any of them. Your help is greatly appreciated in supporting a small business.