Lemon Pattern Party | Hochzeits Papeterie & Einladungen, Kalligraphie und Aquarell Künstlerin
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Lemon Pattern Party

A Lemon Party!

The perfect pattern from any Summer Party, refreshing and fun, it almost makes you thirsty for a Lemon Spritzer.

These Illustration is available for Licensing.

If you want would like to license this Illustration, or you have a specific images/concept in you mind. I would be happy to hear from you at hello@inkanotes.com.

Lemon Pattern Zitronen Muster - inkanotes Calligraphy Kalligraphie Watercolor Aquarell Florals Botanicals Blumen Botanische Designer Deutschland Germany Nachhaltig Ecofriendly_10

This is how the Lemon Pattern Party (from inkanotes) could look on your Product

Fruit, Watercolor