Personalized Wedding Bouquet Illustration in Watercolor | Hochzeits Papeterie & Einladungen, Kalligraphie und Aquarell Künstlerin
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Personalized Wedding Bouquet Illustration in Watercolor

Do you wish that you could keep your Wedding Bouquet Forever?


Did you just get married and just can’t bear the thought of having to to throw out your Bouquet?


Is your Wedding Bouquet lying in the corner collecting dust? Having seen better days?


Can you relate to any of these?

Did you know the first year Anniversary Symbol is Paper? while the second year anniversary is cotton ?


What a wonderful Anniversary Gift would a Custom Watercolor Bouquet Painting  in Watercolor be.


A Watercolor Bouquet Painting would really be a beautiful, unique and personalized Gift for any Bride / Groom on there Wedding Day, a retrospective Wedding gift, or just because you love the Couple

Although I am not able to bring you Wedding Bouquet back to life, I am able to create a Souvenir, a Memory, a personalized unique piece that you can cherish forever, a Personalized Illustration of your Wedding bouquet in Watercolor.


Be proud and hang it up, so that everyone can see, and noone will ever ask you why your have a Bunch of tried flowers lying in the corner.


***The photos are ONLY example pieces of what your Bouquet could look like, they are only a reference of the style.

The Custom painting will of course be painted from a Reference Photo of your Bouquet, and painted especially for you.



  • This Listing contains one Bouquet, if you would like multiple please choose a quantity of 2.

  • All paintings are done in  A4 ( 210 x 297 cm,  8.3″ x 11.7”) 

  • All Watercolour Bouquet Paintings are an original, painted on high quality Watercolour paper, painted with Watercolor Paints

  • You will receive the Painting unframed.

  • One you have purchased this item, please email a high quality photo (this is not a screenshot) of your Bouquet to Inculding your name and booking number.

  • The average turn around this is 5-6 weeks. For the exact time frame, or if you would like to recieve it by a specific date, please contact for more details.


    Any other Questions? I don’t bite I promise. Please get in touch at