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Favourite Creative Books

There are so many talented Artists out there that are just pure amazing. Some of them have Books and these should be mentioned, This is a small collection of my Favourite Creative Books. That I believe may be a favourite of a few people. That does not make them any less special or anything.

So yes because of that I have decided to provide you with a small list of Books that I really love, and use. No Bullsh** (are those ** really nessecary?) Probalby not but yeah anyways. To get to all the other Supply Lists follow here.

The Favourite Creative Books from Inka Notes.

*** All items below are Affiliate Links, and a small commission may be earned shall you purchase any of them. Your help is greatly appreciated in supporting a small business.

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How to Draw Modern Flowers, Ali Koch

Florals by Hand, Ali Koch


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Botanical Line Drawing, by Peggy Dean

Creative Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Guide to Modern, Pointed-Pen Calligraphy, by Kristara Schnippert


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Everyday Watercolor, by Jenna Rainey

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Celtic Calligraphy: Calligraphy, Knotwork and Illumination, Kerry Richardson