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Calligraphy Supplies List

New to Calligraphy? 

Honestly every Step into a new direction & developing a skill are hard, but often what is the hardest thing is finding the right equipment. This is a small list of the Calligraphy Related items that I have found work best for me. Please make sure you find your own. 

How are are you doing? I hope you are here and will find what you are looking for on this Watercolour Supplies List. As a fellow Artist and Creative I totally understand that we always have this urge to see what products everyone is using. It’s almost thrilling and fun. Who could not spend hours on end in a Crafts, Pen, Stationary Store? Or is that just me?

So yes because of that I have decided to provide you with a small list of items that I really love, and use. No Bullsh** (are those ** really nessecary?) For other Catagories I have compiled a lot of different Supply lists.

The Calligraphy Supplies List from Inka Notes.

*** All items below are Affiliate Links, and a small commission may be earned shall you purchase any of them. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Zebra Comic G Model Chrome Pen Nib

Brause Steno Nibs, Blue Pumpkin

Winsor & Newton – Black Indian Ink


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English Copperplate Dip Pen Oblique Calligraphy Pen Holder

Speedball Sendt SNT-IC-15 15 foot 1/4 inch

Reeves Gouache Paint, 10 ml – Pack of 24


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Canson Imagine Mixed Media 200gsm paper, natural white

Canson Montval Fine 200 g/m2 – 100 sheets per pad

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