Book Layout Design

A Guidebook, Reference Book, Cookbook, Romance Novel or any other book, all books deserve an amazing Book Layout Design.

I believe: Every Book needs a good design, because your work of art should receive the value it deserves. There is nothing more wonderful and amazing as an Author to hold your physical Book in your hands. To make this a reality, I am here to help you.

The Design and Layout of your Book, is the first impression a Reader has, it is the first item they see. It is the first thing that determines if they want to read your Book or not. Keeping this is mind each page could be created, and designed with love.

However do not worry, like I mentioned I am here to help.

My Service for you is to professional looking book layout, with a WOW factor that was designed with love. For each Book I will create an Individual Concept to create a cohesive and visually appealing design. We can playing text or add graphics, images, tables, Lists, or Chapter Ornaments. Your book will be designed and created in a Professional Design Program, that allows areas of creative freedom.

So you can concentrate on the important things: Writing! Here is a little overview of what you can expect when working with me to create your Book Layout.
  • First Contact, we will discuss all the details, what you need (please fill out the contact form below, in-order for me to get an over view of your project.) You will then receive an Offer for me within 3-5 days.
  • In the case of you accepting the offer; you will receive further details concerning the project.
  • Sending and receiving of the final manuscript, this means the manuscript is full edited. All chapters, paragraphs are correctly arranged and manual line breaks and all word hybernations are removed in the final document. I will not correct any spelling mistakes or typography error while layout the book. The text will be taken as provided. If there are any of the above listed “mistakes” these mistakes will be included in you final book.
  • You will receive a few pages for proof-reading, (prior to the due date, these are expected back with 5 business days). After that I will layout the rest of book either by chapters or as a whole, depending of the project. The completed Layout will have one correction cycle included, in case any corrections need to be made.
  • You will receive the finished layout as a PDF.
  • Now it just needs to be published and printed!
A Quick of Overview of ” Services” and Pricing

This is ONLY to give you a quick overview and an estimate price range. Each Book will be treated as an individual, and will receive a custom offer.

Book Layout Simple
  • Determining of Font
  • formatting of all text and headers
  • setting up pages, page margins, page numbers
  • generation of a table of contents
  • creation of print ready PDF


  • about 5-10 work hours**
  • estimated price range €500 – €1000**
Book Layout Complex
  • all items from basic package
  • setting and placing graphics, images, tables etc.
  • creation of color concept


  • about 10-30 work hours **
  • estimated price range € 800- €3000 **

•• depending on the type of book and it’s details.

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